Monday, March 16, 2009

drey's library: Sheldon Rusch ~ Interview & giveaway!

drey's library: Sheldon Rusch ~ Interview & giveaway!

Go on over and read Drey's first interview! It is a wonderful one and you will want to read Rusch's books as a result and can by entering for the giveaway! Click here to read and enter!


Kaye said...

hey Bingo, thanks for visiting my MM post. I do follow you and get all your updates. I know I have a lot of blogs that this is the case they are just not on my blog list. I am lazy, that is the only reason. when I have some spare time, I will go through the list and formally add them to the blog roll. Y'all know I love ya, right! BTW, did you get my e over the weekend?

Bingo said...

It kind of rings a bell but was up late writing and so not sure....can you resend? thanks! I know us Florida kids must stick together!

drey said...

Bingo ~ Thanks so much for blogging my interview & giveaway. I heart Sheldon - he's a really nice guy, and I love his books, too. =)

Bingo said...

Happy to do it, Drey! I hope to read something of his someday soon.