Tuesday, April 21, 2009



by Don Hoffman, Illustrated by Todd Dakins

Written for children 3-6

Young children will delight in this simply written and beautifully illustrated story of two

and their dog named Snowflake. Jeff and Veronica are playing in the snow one day and

they lose their little sweet, fluffy white puppy. They ask everyone they can find around

town if they have seen their precious puppy. Each person they ask thinks they are asking

about the snow that is falling or something they are working with rather than their little


The story is educational in that each of the people they encounter and ask about their

Snowflake has a different occupation and therefore teaches children in a subtle way about

the people in their community.

However, even though the story of course has a happy ending as they lie in the snow and

a ball is suddenly pushed through the snow by a nose attached to a puppy, there is one

more thing that I believe the children will enjoy. Snowflake is in each illustration as the

children ask the people about him. Because of the surroundings and all the snow, however,

they can’t really see Snowflake. Children will enjoy finding Snowflake in each of the well

drawn illustrations just as they would in an I SPY type, find it book.

I recommend this sweet story for young children and one that will be read over and over

as children will want to find Snowflake again and again!

Submitted to Curled Up with a Good Kid's Book by Karen Haney, March, 2009




AGE: baby-preschool

This is a story for children and parents alike. The children will instantly be enchanted by the adorable baby in the story and the fact that she is a princess. The story will be a favorite of parents as it will help to get their child to sleep at night. This light and happy story will captivate especially young princesses everywhere.

In the story, Princess Baby is not ready for bedtime and she isn’t sleepy. This will sound familiar to parents of children with their “just a few more minutes” at bedtime every night. Little Princess has so much to do. She has to put on her pajamas and put her toys away. There has to be a book chosen for her bedtime story and of course, there is the brushing of the baby’s teeth. As Princess Baby carries out what she considers her royal duties before she can go to sleep even including acting out all of these activities with her stuffed animals, little ones will be delighted. Finally, when she is asked if she is ready for her good night kiss, there is no answer because she has worn herself out and is fast asleep!

The charming illustrations will captivate the littlest readers especially with their gold attention getting glittery look, and by the time the little Princess in the story is ready for bed, the child will be as well. Where so many parents find themselves negotiating to get their children to bed, they will chuckle at the ones in this story and most probably recognize them. Meanwhile, the little ones will find they make sense and when they are all used up, it will be their bed time as well.

Submitted to Curled Up with a Good Kid’s Book by K H (Bingo)


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Hi Bingo,
Thanks for the book review I will have to check these out for my baby girl. Have a great day. :)

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Awww, the books sound cute!