Saturday, May 2, 2009


by D. G. Fulford with Phyllis Greene

In Designated Daughter: The Bonus Years with Mom, D. G. Fulford with her mother, Phyllis Greene, gives everyone who reads this book a bonus! Readers will find a witty, touching, and inspirational story of a mother and daughter and how their relationship grows and changes with age and through life’s experiences. After D. G.’s father dies, she decides it is best to move back home to be closer to her mother. She returns expecting to be a care giver for her mother, but D. G. quickly realizes she will be on the receiving end of care in many ways for very much of the time. As this mother-daughter team becomes friends and partners, the reader is led to reevaluate or remember their own relationship with their mother.

Uniquely told, D. G. Fulford writes of the journey she makes but the book is richly enhanced by her mother, Phyllis Greene, adding her take on things at the end of each chapter. Phyllis Greene became an author herself at the age of 82 and their shared careers are a good foundation for the bond that develops. Both are different in many ways, but they soon discover that their mutual needs are met by their sharing this special time together. D. G. relates how their lives changed following her father’s death and how they share so much together very much like many mothers and daughters do in the same situation. She realizes there are many mother and daughter partnerships like theirs and thus gives herself, and those like her, the nickname of “designated daughters”.

Everyday chores and experiences are dealt with but in a shared manner, with support and love, as well as adversity and sacrifices. The story also includes the role the rest of their family plays in important decisions for their mother as well as normal family celebrations and heartaches that are shared. Laced with stories of D. G.’s and Phyllis’s friends’ own shared experiences, the story is enriched with the celebration of each of these relationships.

As Mrs. .Green ages and her health takes the normal turn that age will inevitably play on one’s life, the bond grows with D. G. and this heartwarming, joyfully honest, and uplifting account gives all of us hope for the future and for the love that is shared with parent and child. I most enjoyed the author's humor and fact that she faced reality head on. DESIGNATED DAUGHTER gives all people with parents still alive pause to think not only what if, but rather, when? If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, you can find it on right here.

Submitted originally to Curled Up With a Good Book, by Karen Haney, August, 2008

If you would like to see a video of D. G. Fulford discussing her book and the role of a designated daughter, you can go to this Border's site to see an interview that is quite interesting.


bermudaonion said...

This book sounds wonderful. My mom is 82 and she is the caregiver for my 89 year old father. I know this book would make me cry like crazy.

Bingo said...

You know I thought I would too but there are some very funny parts to it. And in each chapter, Fulford's mom, Phyllis Green writes some and she is quite funny. If you click on the interview, however, she says that her mom is not doing so well now and yet in the book she wasn't too bad so that made me sad. I wish I had copies to give away but it is worth checking it out, trust me you will be glad you did!

Pissenlit said...

Oh, that must be interesting, what with the daughter writing it and then the mother adding her take.