Tuesday, June 16, 2009




Created by Jeff Brown

Written by Sara Pennypacker

Pictures by Macky Pamintuan

Fans around the world have fallen in love with Flat Stanley. From when he first was flattened by a bulleting board, he has traveled all over the world with many people, children, teachers, and classes. Now his latests adventures take him to specific locations. In FLAT STANLEY 2: THE GREAT EGYPTIAN GRAVE ROBBERY, Flat Stanley finds out the ancient pyramids can be very dangerous even as flat as he is. When Stanley gets a letter from an archaeologist in Egypt, he travels by airmail (how else would Stanley travel?) to meet him. Stanley goes to Egypt to help find a valuable ancient treasure that is supposedly in the deepest part of the center of a great pyramid. Stanley, being flat as he is, can get into any place, or can he? What is he gets into this pyramid, this tomb, and then can’t get out? What kind of trouble will Stanley get in this time.

This delightful character, loved by children and adults alike, is a charming story to read or have read to and do all kinds of activities with.

Submitted to Harper Collins Children’s Books by Karen Haney, March, 2009


by Karen Katz


Ages: baby-preschool

This is a story for children and parents alike. The children will instantly be enchanted by the adorable baby in the story and the fact that she is a princess. The story will be a favorite of parents as it will help to get their child to sleep at night. This light and happy story will captivate especially young princesses everywhere.

In the story, Princess Baby is not ready for bedtime and she isn’t sleepy. This will sound familiar to parents of children with their “just a few more minutes” at bedtime every night. Little Princess has so much to do. She has to put on her pajamas and put her toys away. There has to be a book chosen for her bedtime story and of course, there is the brushing of the baby’s teeth. As Princess Baby carries out what she considers her royal duties before she can go to sleep even including acting out all of these activities with her stuffed animals, little ones will be delighted. Finally, when she is asked if she is ready for her good night kiss, there is no answer because she has worn herself out and is fast asleep!

The charming illustrations will captivate the littlest readers especially with their gold attention getting glittery look, and by the time the little Princess in the story is ready for bed, the child will be as well. Where so many parents find themselves negotiating to get their children to bed, they will chuckle at the ones in this story and most probably recognize them. Meanwhile, the little ones will find they make sense and when they are all used up, it will be their bed time as well.

Submitted to Curled Up with a Good Kid's Book by Karen Haney, March, 2009


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Flat Stanley. I have to go to B&N and check him out so I'm not "out of the loop"!!! Thanks for reviewing the book!

kalea_kane said...

I LOVE Flat Stanley! My neice took him to Washinton DC for her class years ago. So cute!

Kaye said...

Flat Stanley is just too cool for words. I'm e'ing you later to find out the latest.

jb said...

princess baby is one I will buy for my 2 yr old grandchild--it looks so colorful. jb