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As a professional nanny for more than 15 years and now as a mother herself, Michelle LaRowe has seen it all. She was even recognized as “Nanny of the Year” by the International Nanny Association in 2004, and the following year, President George W. Bush praised her for her dedication to in-home child care.

Now she shares her vast knowledge and expertise with moms everywhere, in her new book A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists, in which she provides the most sought-after and up-to-date information for parenting children from birth to age 5 in one easy-to-navigate resource. Also included is a special section dedicated to pregnancy.

In compiling this collection of 112 of the most practical lists for moms to live by, LaRowe ruthlessly sorted through the most reliable sources and tried-and-true recommendations for raising healthy and happy children.

A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists is your one-stop resource for more than 100 lists to live by, including:
  • When to Call the Doctor
  • Questions to Ask before Choosing a Pediatrician
  • Sleep Training Your Baby
  • Top Toys for the First Year
  • Terrific Activities Toddlers Love
  • Easy Steps for Taming Tantrums
  • Feeding a Picky Eater
  • Signs of a Family-Friendly Restaurant
  • Common Childhood Allergies and Illnesses
  • Instant Pick-Me-Ups
  • and so much more

Start saving your time, money, and sanity today!


Michelle LaRowe is the 2004 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year. A career nanny specializing in caring for twins, Michelle has over a decade of professional childcare experience.

Although she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and a certificate in pastoral studies, she enjoys her work as a professional nanny, freelance writer and as a parenting consultant.

Michelle is an active member of the nanny community and has served on the board of directors and as vice president of the International Nanny Association. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the association. Michelle is called on by the media as a parenting expert and has appeared on local, national and international television and radio and has been featured in print. She is also a national speaker, bringing a message of hope and empowerment to moms groups across the nation.

Michelle is the author of the Nanny to the Rescue! parenting series, Working Mom's 411 and
A Mom's Ultimate Book of Lists. She and her husband Jeff, reside on Cape Cod with their daughter Abigail. They are expecting a son this spring.


To Do lists and Honey Do lists...lists of books to be posted.....what would we do without lists? If you are a busy person, multi-tasking your life away, you probably use lists to keep on track all the time. Parents obviously have very busy lives and with play dates, doctors appointments, PTA, and a gazillion other things, how do you remember it all? Where is everything and how does it all work? Michelle LaRowe, as Nanny of the Year and more, realized that busy families could use some organizational help and support.

Using her vast experience, Rowe has come up with a book that will answer all those questions parents have for their children from birth to age 5 and make their life easier and less frustrating! Now with A MOM'S ULTIMATE BOOK OF LISTS answers to hundreds of questions are there to help you. This is a very practical reference and helps save time and money for all the busy Moms out there today. Whether you are wondering about saving money or health and safety for your child, you will find the answer in this book. And with their busy lives, moms will appreciate the easy to read format and organization of the lists. I only wish there was a book like this for adults!
Here is just a sample of all it includes by categories:

Preparing for Baby
What’s safe and not safe during pregnancy?
What to include in your birthing plan
Key components to include in your maternity-leave proposal
The First Year
Introducing solid foods
Top toys for baby’s first year
Sleep training your baby

The Toddler Years
Guilt-free DVDs for your toddler
10 life lessons to teach your toddler
The best bedtime routine

The Preschool Years
6 steps to a successful preschool playdate
Teaching children to share, step-by-step
The preschooler’s library

Family Life
10 house rules for every home
Age-appropriate chores for young children
Feeding a picky eater

Health and Safety Information
When to call the doctor
The top 12 safety mistakes parents make
Hidden household poisons

Saving Time, Money & Sanity
10 time-management tips for moms
Common children’s clothing size guidelines
A week’s worth of quick, family-friendly meals

Available January 2010 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


Ann Elle Altman said...

Cool book. I'm gonna check it out.


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This looks like a really helpful book. I think I might check it out of the library. We're thinking about having a baby, the pregnancy section would be great to know.