Saturday, December 11, 2010


A Unique Chocolate Marketplace

Recently, I blogged about a delicious website I hadn't seen before, CHOCOLATE.COM, described by BUSINESS WEEK as "An Online Emporium" where one can find every kind of chocolate that you can imagine and for every occasion. Following my tasting and reviewing of two products, a Four Piece Dark Chocolate Truffle Box, and Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butters Ghosts and Mummy Designs, both coincidentally from Olde Naples Chocolates in Naples, FL, I was hooked. I decided that having set up an account on CHOCOLATE.COM which was so easy, and receiving a $5 Gift Certificate just for doing so, that I just had to order something. I searched for a favorite of mine, chocolate covered marshmallows. Of course, there were several to choose from and I settled on "Hand Crafted Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows". These also happen to come from Olde Naples Chocolates, not that I planned it that way, but knew from experience, I wouldn't be disappointed.And if you saw my post about them HERE you know they were yummy! 

Well, with the holidays coming, I decided to do one more review of something D-licious from CHOCOLATE.COM and what better than some Christmas candy or cookies? Here are some of the devine items I had to look at and decide about.
3 Lb Merry Christmas Cheesecake

8 inch New York cheesecake, covered in Chocolate Ganache. Garnished around the edge with Chocolate Sprinkles. "Merry Christmas" and decorative sugar poinsettia on top with border design in White Chocolate. (Available October thru December) from Cheese Cake City, Inc.

12 Piece Christmas Collection

Introducing our new Christmas Collection with unique new designs and flavors. These flavors include Omega (olive oil & fleur de Sel), Tangerine, Hazelnut and Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. Our chocolates are 100% hand made from locally sourced ingredients. from Chocolate Visions, Inc.

12 Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies Holly Leaves Design

These elegant gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of a kind! They're are coated with a layer of silky, white chocolate and then the edible design is added. These cookies are packaged in an elegant box with a coordinating bow so no wrapping is required! Perfect for the holiday season! from Sweet Signatures, LLC

6 Dunked Chocolate Chip Cookies With Nonpareils

Delicious, freshly baked-to-order chocolate chip cookie made with gourmet butter. Dunked in a premium quality dark chocolate and hand decorated with nonpareils. This 6 pack of cookies comes in a clear hard-bottom cello bag with a decorative bow. Guaranteed to leave a sweet impression! from Sweet Signatures, LLC.

I figured I could look forever on the CHOCOLATE.COM website and never decide because it all looked so good. But since I do adore nonpareils, I went with the 6 Dunked Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nonpareils from Sweet Signatures, LLC. 


They arrived in just a few days and were packaged to withstand heat or cold so that even coming to Florida, they were perfect! The package contained 6 gorgeous looking cookies that I sadly KNEW I could finish off in one sitting...was I surprised! These cookies were so rich and the chocolate was so delicious that eating one

was like eating a whole dessert! The chocolate dipped with the snap-in-your-mouth nonpareils, was such a treat. I am not sure how they do it but the chocolate chips were like when they first come from the oven and not hard nuggets of no taste like most chocolate chip cookies. I shared with my husband (well, he got two over the few days they were here) and with my 4, it was one a day and I was more than satisfied. I think Sweet Signatures, LLC with CHOCOLATE.COM are the places to order any sweet gifts you are looking for. I am sure that the people who won the two $25 gift certificates from my first giveaway and from the HOLIDAY BLOG HOP are loving their choices as well. I hope you all will check out all these sites and especially CHOCOLATE.COM! You won't be disappointed! Thanks again to Mike and all the vendors at CHOCOLATE.COM.


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rhapsodyinbooks said...

You just had me salivating from this review! :--) I remember too my mother love mallomars, and even wrote to them asking why she couldn't find any in Florida, and they said they couldn't ship them there with the heat, so it's good to hear that problem has been conquered, or at least conquered by this company!

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

One can never have enough chocolate.
Definitely sounds like a site to keep in mind for sending a gift to friends and family.

Steve Capell said...

It's not that I don't like chocolate ... it's that chocolate doesn't like me! I have to be very careful as too much of the rich stuff will cause an excruciating headache. Secondly, my lovely wife has diabetes so we keep all sweets our of our home. I sometimes add artificial chocolate to some tea or a soda. I must admit the pictures on your post look scrumptious.