Saturday, March 7, 2009


I found this challenge on several websites and thought it was one I could tackle. Unknowingly, a young lady named Annie, with her mom's help started the Original WHAT'S IN A NAME Challenge. It is a great challenge and as soon as I realized today that it was her "baby", I decided to contact the few people who had signed on to do this, and let them know it is Annie's WHAT'S IN A NAME-2 Challenge they want to hook on with. I am doing it as well as it is a fun challenge and I am happy to join her over there! I am leaving my button for the challenge here since I am doing it but if you click on the button, it will take you to the original site of this Challenge. I hope for the few who might check back here, and if you didn't get my email, that you will join Annie on her blog and do the challenge with her there! Thanks to everyone for being so understanding and to Annie, good luck! LOL, Bingo


Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & for your sweet comments! I also love your blog, very pretty! What are you reading now? ...then, I will know what to read next!!! I am going to check out this challenge, I am only doing the TBR challenge & that is probably enough for me!

Debi said...

I agree with Julie...your blog is so pretty! And now I'm off to check out more of it. :)

Bingo said...

Thank you, Julie and Debi..I am trying really hard but traffic is slow and I am still pretty new, and well, I guess it takes time. I see so many blogs with great things, badges, awards, posts...and I want to do it all but I guess I just have to keep working and be patient! Thanks for checking out Bookin' and hope you keep coming back!