Saturday, February 14, 2009


VERY VALENTINE by Adriana Trigiani

How better to celebrate Valentine's Day then with a Personal Preview and Interview with the entertaining and unforgettable author, Adriana Trigiani? Here today you can listen and read about the talented author of such books as BIG STONE GAP, ROCOCO, and LUCIA, LUCIA as she talks about her wonderful new book, VERY VALENTINE! Following that, read the interview that Adriana Trigiani gave BOOKIN' WITH BINGO, much to my delight!

AND, in my next post, you will find out how YOU can win a copy of VERY VALENTINE and a surprise gift along with it from Bingo's Bookin' Bin!

Bingo's Interview with Adriana Trigiani

A few weeks ago, Adriana Trigiani was kind enough to grant me an interview here at BOOKIN' WITH BINGO. I had just read VERY VALENTINE and was delighted to find out that it is the first in a trilogy centered around Valentine Roncalli and her family of shoemakers. As Adriana describes it, she states, "I wanted to bring you old world craftsmanship, the magical setting of Greenwich Village, in a contemporary family saga told in vivid detail". She is not only a talented author, but an entertaining and generous young woman with an amazing future before her in MANY areas of the arts! Here is what Ms. Trigiani had to say to me!

1) What is the next or current book you are working on?
"Viola in Reel Life", a young adult novel that's out in the fall of 2009; and also, "Encore Valentine", the second in the Valentine series.

2) What have you just finished reading?
"Adventures in the Screen Trade" by William Goldman, "Charlie" by Ben Hecht (a re-read!), and "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell.

3) What books would you say have made the biggest impression on you, especially starting out?
"Jane Eyre"

4) What gets you started on a new book? A character, or story idea, or...?
It's usually something I see that I can't shake (a woman on a roof inspired VERY VALENTINE) or someone dies and I want to remember the little things about them, and the way to do that, for me-in a dramatic and colorful way- is fiction.

5) What is something about you that you would want people to know about you that we probably don't know?
That I'm waiting for curly hair to come back in style. It's going on 9 years, God help me.

6) What is your best advice to anyone, including young people, who want to be writers?
Write every day- something- a poem, a line for a poem, a paragraph, some thoughts-an observation- and soon, your voice will push through. You'll see.


Cheryl said...

Great interview.

My question is Where do you see yourself in 5 years...still writing?

Erika Powell said...

great interview, i feel like every writer suggests writing every day in some form. guess there is something to it.

Michelle Kuo said...

What a great interview! I would want to ask her what her favorite genre is to read--romance? Action? Comedy? Plus, how old she was when she realized she loved writing.

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Since I have straight hair, curly hair is always "in" to me.

Bingo said...

Bermudaonion, you see how the grass is always greener? I share Adriana's curly hair but as I get older, it seems to just want to frizz AND curl at the first sign of humidity...and of course, I live in humidity city in Florida! Argh!

Anonymous said...

Who are your three favorite authors?

Anonymous said...

Love the advice for writers! It sounds simple, but is very hard to do.

Asylumgirl said...

Yes, we always want what we haven't got, don't we? LOL

I wanted my babies to have curly hair, but alas, it was not in the cards.


Bingo said...

I am going to send Adriane all of these comments when the post is finished. She will enjoy them, I am sure! or she may be checking it out as we speak (Hi, wonderful author!) Bingo!

drey said...

Have you always wanted to be a writer? If not, what else did you want to be when you grew up? =) (I still haven't figured that out yet!)

Bingo said...

I agree, Drey! My problem is I want to be too many things and don't think I have enough time to do it all...perhaps I need a bucket list! Thanks for coming by!