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My book club read MATRIMONY this past month and met Tuesday night to discuss it. Everyone enjoyed the book and several questions and comments shared by many were the same. THIS book was written by a man? Was it semi-biographical? As luck would have it, Joshua Henkin, author of MATRIMONY, agreed to call our book club and talk with our group over speaker phone. As we sat around enjoying some of Mr. Henkin's favorite, famous, and FABULOUS Junior's Cheesecake, staring at the phone in the middle of the table, I noticed how strange it was that all these self-confident professional woman, most are mothers and married, who never were at a lack for words, began to fidget. Time was near and we would be talking to a "REAL LIVE AUTHOR" of a book we all had enjoyed! Understand that these women are teachers, guidance counselors, social workers, artists, and writers. Their every day work has them actively helping others, performing, teaching, advising, etc.

So when the phone rang, everyone handed it to me not wanting to answer it. After all, I had interviewed and spoken to Joshua for the interview you can find on my last post. Some had even said they weren't going to talk and hoped they weren't asked questions.

I had to chuckle as I knew they would be fine as I had met this talented, kind, and oh- so-easy to talk to gentleman...who worked around our schedule only as long as he was still able to tuck his daughters in bed for the night! Needless to say, Josh within minutes had everyone at ease and the talking began. He kindly accommodated us with every kind of question one could think of. Of course, he answered the question many had about was his book MATRIMONY being about himself? Other than many of the places in the book having been places he had lived and that he was a husband and a writer, everything else was fiction. We later scolded ourselves for even thinking "How could a man write so well about women and the relationships surrounding marriage, etc?"

IF you ever have the opportunity for your book group to talk with an author, and many of them do, I encourage you to do so! It was great fun and very informative! We all are now eager to have Joshua Henkin's next book in our hands but alas, we all may have to wait at least a year or more according to what he told us. My latest giveaway is for copies of MATRIMONY in the BOOK GIVEAWAY click the BOOK CARNIVAL picture to your upper right or look at my Tuesday blog post to find out how you can get to know Joshua Henkin better through his work, the delightful MATRIMONY!

And to share an exciting evening I have to look forward to, I won a 30 minute call with author Barbara Delinsky whose new book WHILE MY SISTER SLEEPS is out and I'm currently reading, and she is calling TONIGHT! I am hoping she will agree to some of our "chat" being in an interview I can post soon on BOOKIN' WITH BINGO!

Check back to see soon. Thanks again to Joshua Henkin for being so supportive to me and kind to our Book Club!


loves6cats said...

Congrats on the phone call with the author.

Bingo said...

If you have a book club, this is such a neat thing to do. We all had such fun and many authors do it! You learn so much you would never know about the book and the wonderful writers that create them!