Sunday, March 29, 2009


LAURA GRIFFIN Spins A Mysterious Web

Fiona Glass is the best forensic artist around as evidenced by her unmatched skill at unraveling and interpreting people’s thoughts and memories in order to draw and build faces of criminals who are suspects in normally violent crimes. With this glowing description, one would imagine that Fiona Glass can write her own ticket and call all the shots. However, Fiona wants only one thing and that is to quit. The stress of listening over and over to all the victim’s stories have made her decide she has had enough. From now on, she wants to concentrate her artistic skills on just plain art, not of the forensic kind! She wants to create still lives not recreate dead ones. She is emotionally finished and wants out so she can center her life on being a normal commercial artist who specializes mostly in nature scenes.

However, with the Graingerville Police Chief, dashing Jack Bowman, doing a handsome job of persuading Fiona that she is the only one to help solve his newest case, it is going to be hard to quit. This new and tragic case involves a serial killer that has a history going back more than 10 years and Jack has a personal stake in it. Fiona finds it very hard to say no to Jack Bowman who is really quite a threat to Fiona as he is the one kind of man she would find it hard to say no to and so, alas, she stays on to help. What neither Fiona nor Jack counted on, however, was that she would become so caught up in this case that Fiona finds herself a target of the killer before long. Although Jack knew Fiona was the best chance he had of ever finding this maniacal and callous killer, he didn’t realize she would be in danger every minute he is on the loose. Fiona’s best chance now to stay safe is to stay with Jack and solve this heinous crime. The secrets in this case are indeed like “threads of fear” as every clue unravels like a worn out knit cap, exposing one more shocking piece of the puzzle that will lead them to their target each time.

As young innocent teenage girls are the prime objective of the killer, Jack and Fiona get more caught up in the puzzle of this crime as well as the mystery of their relationship. Jack realizes that Fiona has to be watched over because now that she is so immersed in solving this crime, she is getting careless about her own safety.

Laura Griffin has given us a “can’t stop reading”, thriller intertwined with a growing love story. Just when readers think they have things figured out, Griffin turns the page and adds another twist or surprise. I doubt many, if indeed any, will know the ending before the conclusion of this story as a surprise revelation will give all readers a chance for a big GASP!...and then comes the wait!..... for the second in this series, WHISPER OF WARNING! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this one!

Submitted by Bingo (AKA K.H.), March, 2009


bermudaonion said...

I love thrillers, so you got my attention with this review! Sounds great.

MonieG said...

I loved this book and the follow up Whisper of Warning. They're both page turners.

Ladytink_534 said...

I can easily see how someone could get burned out on that kind of job. Oh this sounds like such a cool story! Reminds me of a few books I've read by Mary Higgins Clark, Andrea Kane, and Anne Stuart.

Bingo said...

I loved it and hope Laura is going to make a series with these Glass sisters! Thanks for visiting...oooh! we are almost at 100 followers...big doings if we make it by midnight!