Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marta's Meanderings

Marta, at Marta's Meanderings, is celebrating her 100th post by giving away 5 top prizes of two complete packages of books, with 5 books in each from Hachette for a total of 10 books. Go to Marta's Meanderings
Complete details on how to enter there. Congratulations to you, Marta! And how nice to GIVE rather than RECEIVE for this special celebration!


Anonymous said...

You are really talented with the little pictures and moving parts you post on your blog! Or does your book buddy do it? Your buddy is awfully cute!

Bingo said...

Oh, the old copy, save as "something", and then enter it, is pretty easy to do but thanks if it makes me look smart on the computer because nothing could be further from the truth! Thanks for the Book Buddy comment....she is really my grand puppy so I can't reveal her true identity for fear that now that she is so famous, she might be "hounded" by the "puppy-razzi" :D