Tuesday, March 31, 2009



Corinne Demas, Author
Noah Z. Jones, Illustrator

Whatever character Corinne Demas creates is surely one you will fall instantly in love with. With Toby, in ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, it is easier than usual as he is a pound type pup of the “generic” breed that is white and tan and just adorable. HOWEVER, can one still love Toby when he exhibits such wayward, undisciplined behavior? To put it simply, Toby is ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, but he is also always loved!

Young readers will easily learn the days of the week through the repetition as they read about Toby’s mishaps each day. They will love the book and want it read to them, or read it themselves, over and over and the recurrence of the days along with the engaging illustrations by Noah Z. Jones will have everyone enchanted by this disobedient dog! Each day of the week, Toby is into a different kind of naughtiness. One day he is eating the homemade bread and soon after it is the buttons on a coat. Toby gets into the garbage as much as he gets into trouble until finally Emma, his owner, decides it is time for Toby to go to dog obedience school to learn right from wrong, and how to follow simple orders. His first attempt at an education results in an F on his doggie report card. He is then taken back for another stay in an obedience school where he will reside while he learns right from wrong.

Will Emma pick up her pup with an Outstanding on his report card this time, or will he just be out standing and running around when she arrives? To Emma’s surprise, she finds a new and improved Toby! Toby returns home and not only helps with chores like folding laundry, but also bakes the bread instead of eating it. Can it be? Has Toby changed that much? IS he the same pup who left home and now has come back like a different doggie? You will have to read the book to see and find out how you feel about the surprising ending of the story. I was charmed by it and the way it was illustrated was clever and made the words come to life so well.

Strongly recommend this to little ones as they love puppies and repetition like this.
Submitted Originally to Curled Up With a Good Kid's Book (www.curledupkids.com) by K.H. (Bingo)
by Rotraut Susanne Berner

This large, vivid, joyful book is perfect for infants and toddlers all the way through children in preschool and lower grades. It is a hard cover book filled with fantastic pictures of the daily adventures that take place in a certain small town throughout the year. Little ones will delight in seeing the change of seasons take place and the scenery change along with it. Filled with colorful illustrations and very little text, the book is more like an I SPY Or WHERE’S WALDO book, but for little people. Children will spend hours hunting for items and their parents will most probably be right there with them having fun!

The characters in the book are delightful and lively, drawn by the author. Most characters can be seen throughout the book as the city goes through a year of seasons with its hysterical and sometimes frantic occupants! Daily adventures are plainly drawn so youngsters will want to follow “the story” and retell it and relive it time and time again. Finding certain favorite characters will be especially enjoyable to the older children while younger ones will creatively discover the repetition with great delight. This is a wonderful book not only for children to enjoy on their own and with their parents, but also as it will build vocabulary and observation skills.

Ages: pre-school to 6

Submitted by K. H. (Bingo) originally to Curled Up with A Good Kid's Book (www.curledupkids.com)