Saturday, May 16, 2009



In a small northern town in Florida, the Bunco Babes of Whispering Bay meet every Thursday night to play, of course -- BUNCO! They share gossip and stories of their lives ranging from horrendous dates to magnificent marriage propositions and beautiful babies. They serve refreshments, with some of the recipes actually included in the book. If margaritas are on your lists of favorites, then you should drop by on one of these famous, or infamous, Thursday nights. If you aren’t familiar with the game of Bunco, the book even has some basic and simple directions included.

Maria Geraci’s Bunco Babes includes captivating and beguiling members. The group’s leading players are Shea, Pilar, and Kitty. Shea’s current complaint is that her sex life is boring her and she has to find ways to liven things up. Little does she know that sharing this with the “babes” isn’t the only ones it will be shared with. Pilar’s husband want her to be a little housewife while Pilar wants to not just continue to work in the law firm she is with, but become a partner. And the main focus of this Bunco Babe Book is Kitty. She, a real estate agent in times when things are tough, is thirty-five years old and the only group member who is still single. She is beginning to think that her soul mate just may not be out there, or that she is looking for the wrong kind of soul! These three and their lives are just part of the group’s stories of real and incredible issues discussed within the group…and the book.

And so with Kitty turning 35, what are her BB friends to do but make it really special with, of course… an exotic dancer! While the dancer tries to involve Kitty in his “dance”, she is more involved in thinking about a certain plumber who had recently worked at her house. Steve had come to fix Kitty’s broken toilet just before the game that Thursday night was getting ready to start. With Steve occupying her mind, Kitty makes it through another rousing night of Bunco when she gets a late visitor. Steve Pappas has been picking up odd jobs wherever he can, as he is not employed at the moment. He returns that night as he has forgotten one of his tools and it turns out he is glad he did. Steve’s love life is not much better than Kitty’s as far as luck goes. He has recently ended his third marriage and the divorce is still fresh on his mind, but then again, so is Kitty. As Kitty gives Steve a “let’s get going” sign, that is exactly what he does.

And there it is. Kitty has Steve and her whole life seems different. Her work picks up right along with her love life. And as one would suspect, that’s when things get complicated on both fronts. Kitty gets involved in a big real estate deal but is it the right thing for her as well as her town and friends? How will this affect her place in the community and more so, in the Bunco Babes group? What will this all mean in her “relationship” with Steve? Getting advice from her friends doesn’t help Kitty and in fact, almost makes things worse. With the money from this big deal, she has the opportunity to buy her grandmother’s house, which she has always wanted to do, but is it the right thing for everyone concerned? Where does Steve fit in with all this high price wheeling and dealing? Is her dream deal going to turn out to be a nightmare? There is no way to know unless you read BUNCO BABES TELL ALL and see. I found this to be a light, fun read that will surely be in many beach totes this summer.


bermudaonion said...

I love bunco night! This just might be a good one for the beach.

Gaby317 said...

Just wanted to thank you for the book!! :^)

Luanne said...

A book with Bunco in the title! I had no idea what Bunco was until my daughter moved to the States and got asked to join a Bunco group. Being Canadian she had no idea either. She did learn to play and told me about it though!