Wednesday, June 26, 2019


holdenj said...

The thermometer is heading very high here in MN this week!
Happy Summer!

Karen B said...

Hi stranger! Yes, it's about time to hibernate inside with the AC here in MN. Miss hearing from you. HUGS

Carol N Wong said...

Hectic can drive people batty sometimes! It has been that way here too. I want bring you up to date with what has been going here. In April, I finally got to meet my two grandchildren, Ayla who is 8 and Carl who is 6. My son had to move to Shanghai because Ayla has asthma and the air became terrible when new factories were built. When they are older, he wants to come back here. They both know Mandarin, English. It was great talking to them. I love being a grandmother. Justin will try to bring them back soon for another visit.

We have been wanting to go on another short trip but too many health problems right now. I need to reset an appointment with a venous surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, and finish balance training with Baylor. My iron deficiency anemia and pneumonia put me in the hospital. Had two blood transfusions, back to iron influsions and working to get over the pneumonia.

Have started back on audio books and loving that.

Hope to hear from you sometime. I muss you very much. I hope that your health problems are easing off.


rubynreba said...

Hot here in Iowa too! Heat indexes over 100 today. Been staying in this week with a toothache and antibiotics to get the swelling down before it has to be pulled! We all miss you and hope you are doing better.

Margie said...

Not in MN this week. Squirrels have been digging up my tomatoes.