Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Creating a new blog is a lot of work but at some point you just have to stop and go back to visiting other blogs, reading, and reviewing. That is what I am doing today. I just visited Cheryl who I have listed on my blog list at and she has a good idea. She gives a teaser/alert of upcoming contests so that people will come back. Hmmm, that gives me a good idea if Cheryl doesn't mind me copying. Thanks Cheryl for the great idea...hope it isn't patented, but before I get it going, ya'll go visit Cheryl!......

OK, now I am back from another blog favorite, one of the icons as far as I am concerned, Book Club Girl. Go visit as she has a great article about Ann Brashares new book out this week, 3 WILLOWS, which is part of the SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS series. I read an advance and loved it. Check it out, Bingo fans!

Now here is something you don't see every day! "Good Books for Bad Times" is a great new post on Publisher Insider which is one of my recommended blogs and one of the first I read when I began this wacky book blog world. The people at HarperOne have started a new blog to help readers in these anxious times. They have a blog now that recommends and reviews good books to read and help and they are by ALL kinds of publishing companies, not just Harper Collins. How giving is that?! Kudos to Harper Collins and for Publisher Insider for letting us know. Check it out at
a blog for people to blog about any publisher's books

While you are in and around the world of Harper Collins, give OLIVE READER a look-see. I think it is so clever and I personally love the design (Oh, someday baby Bingo will learn how to do all those cute computer tricks, maybe?). But go see the fun you can have with their post about a fun way to create some personal photographic art based on our soon to be President, Barack Obama. It is great fun so go there and read "
make your own obamicon"

Bingo thinks that playing around and passing on some good things must come to an end for today. So BINGO BLOG BANTER will have to stop for now. Don't worry as this will be a weekly, informative, hopefully for you too, feature!

BUT WAIT! How can I leave without reminding you about my pals and mentor at I Just Finished ( Please go by and read their delightful interview with author Brenda Janowitz, who wrote SCOT ON THE ROCKS (How I Survived My Ex-boyfriend's Wedding with My Dignity Ever So Slightly Intact). While you are there you might also want to check out their reviews, especially the ones by Kanellio (AKA BINGO) and their blog----but don't forget to come back here! Have a good evening!


Cheryl said...

Glad you are getting ideas from my blog. That is fine to add a feature about contests.

Anonymous said...

Love Cheryl's blog! Her blog totally rocks. Good place to get ideas from. :)

Bingo said...

Hi, Cheryl and J. Kaye! I guess you all have done this so long now, but do you remember how exciting it was when people ACTUALLY commented on your posts! THANK YOU!

Luanne said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Bingo! It is addicting but fun!

Bingo said...

Thanks, Luanne! That it is! It is nice however to chat with interesting people and also on my blog get some good feedback. I hope you entered my contest that will end this Friday for a signed copy of CREEPERS! Have a good day!