Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to Bookin' with Bingo

Welcome to the first day of the rest of my Book Bloggin' Life!

I am honored you have visited my blog and hope you will be part of my journey into this new endeavor for a REALLY long time!

Reading has been a passion of mine since I can remember my first books and visits to the library. I keep those memories tucked in a special part of my Book Bloggin' Brain! On Bookin' with Bingo, I hope to have a section for you to share you first memories of books. OK, so the secret is out and if you can't tell, yes, I have been a teacher, mostly of Reading, for more years than one likes to count. But now my life is taking a new turn as I enter the Reading/Writing phase of my life.

As a book buying "addict", I knew it had to stop as I thought it was bad when I would enter my favorite book store, Barnes & Noble, and always come out with purchases, but that was before I discovered I could order books online and have packages waiting for me every day when I got home! It was almost like never spending all that money (until the credit card bill arrived). But as luck would have it, when I neared my retirement from teaching, I discovered a way to get books and feed my other addiction, the love of writing. Yes, there is the great American novel still in the works in my computer as we speak! When I found a way to get free copies of books to read, discuss, and review, I realized I had REALLY found my place of peace on earth!

I have been reading and reviewing for almost the past year and finally realized I would have to take the next step and set up my own blog. I read so many people's blogs and link to others from there, that I thought why not have my own. So, TA DA! BOOKIN' WITH BINGO was born on this ninth day of January, 2009.

I have been fortunate enough to connect with several book review sites, editors, authors, and publishers who seem to like what I do and have been very helpful to me in getting started. Many thanks go out especially to Renee at my #1 review site, I Just Finished (so jealous I didn't get that site name first but it is and to Sharon, who really has supported my "habit" and been so accommodating at Curled Up With a Good Book (

With much excitement today, I welcome you, hope you will bear with me as I learn all about setting up a blog (reader, writer--remember? never claimed to be a computer expert!) and join me at Bookin' with Bingo as often as possible! So for now...LET'S GET BOOKIN'!


Neil said...

OK! You did a good introduction. My name is Neildogg and I think we have met. Good luck with the blog!

Booklover said...

Here's rooting for you, and excited to meet at RT Booklover's Convention! You can come on over to Ijustfinshed, and guest blog with your coverage. I also look forward to the reviews I know we can count on from you. You have been a treasure on

Thanks so very much! We are excited to see where your blog grows from here. Don't forget to go show it off on the Ijustfinished forum for book bloggers.

Thanks again, the blog looks great!

Renee (aka Booklover from

cherdon said...

You have a great blog, love your reviews. Keep up the good work, your doint an awesome job :-)

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

Just stopped by to read your opening day blog and say how glad I am that you started a blog. I only discovered you about a year ago but have throughly enjoyed your reviews and giveaways. I am so in awe of how organized you and your blog are. May there be many more blogoversities to celebrate.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Nancye said...

Wow! Congrats Karen on your 2 years in Blogging! I have to say that out of the hundreds of blogs I visit or have visited, BOOKIN' WITH BINGO is my most favorite! I always learn something new, discover a new author, or just get a laugh! I have to say that I consider you a friend! Thank you for all that you do with this wonderful blog! Here's to 2 fantastic years with many more to come!!

Love ya!
Nancye Davis
nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net