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Words @ Work shows everyone from executives and entrepreneurs to up-and-coming staffers how to write in a clear, conversational style that people want to read. Learn how to effectively organize information (no tedious outlines!); cut the fat (editing tips and tricks); and harvest a feast of ideas. Words @ Work includes tools and techniques for overcoming fear of writing;jump-starting the writing process; achieving goals faster; building confidence; and even earning a promotion or two. Words @ Work not only teaches how to write, but helps readers tap into their creativity--and there?s no telling where that can lead.
Here is a little of what you will find in the book directly from Lynda McDaniel's website:

The book explains through examples and easy-to-understand explanations powerful writing can help you get the attention—and results—you deserve.

As you work through Words @ Work, you’ll learn how to:

Overcome fear of writing. Break through writer’s block so you can jumpstart your writing—and your results. Fear confuses us. It makes us procrastinate—the biggest time-bandit of all. It makes us give up—if we’re so bad at writing, why bother trying to be better? But when fear is banished, when we understand how powerful good writing can be—incredible things happen.
Communicate and connect with a wider audience to build your business or career.
Achieve goals faster through well-written letters and e-mail, reports and proposals, newsletters and blogs.
Build confidence. Right away, you’ll realize you’re already doing a lot of things right. Pretty soon, the tips and tools give you a new attitude about your writing.
Create new ideas. The writing process helps you tap into great ideas just waiting to be harvested.
Add extras for excitement. Learn techniques that set your writing apart.
Earn a promotion. Take time to write better, and someone at the top will notice. Text messaging? That’s just top-of-the-head stuff. Ditto most e-mails. Good writing goes deeper. And who knows? Maybe someone will post it on the Web, and you’ll get your 15 minutes (or more) of fame.


Lynda McDaniel loves to get people fired up about writing. Whether she’s coaching, training, or writing books, she digs into her satchel of proven techniques and personal experiences to help them increase their confidence and catapult their creativity. As they work together, her clients can better access their own problem-solving and creative-thinking skills and draw from their strengths and stories—the ones that set them apart from the rest and help them excel at work.

In August 2009, Lynda published her latest book, Words @ Work: Powerful business writing delivers increased sales, improved results and even a promotion or two. It draws on her lifetime of writing books, articles, and business documents with essays and instruction. More than how to dot Is and cross Ts, Words @ Work teaches readers how to think big and write big. It explores how to mine their creativity and write their ideas in an organized and compelling way so that they can persuade, sell, teach, improve, guide, explain, change, contribute, motivate, praise, recommend, propose, and create.

Her next book is entitled Words @ Work-Book. The companion to Words @ Work, it takes readers deeper into the fundamentals of good writing. (Available fall 2009.) Too often today, business writing is like the literary equivalent of fast food: slapped together, full of fat, and hard to digest. Through interesting, short quizzes, and fun exercises, readers refresh their understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style. And by the time they finish Words @ Work-Book, they’ll be ready to write letters that get results, documents that demand attention, and proposals that persuade.

In 2005, she created and produced Compelling Communications©, a series of business-writing seminars. Her coaching and seminar clients include the City of Seattle, Cutter & Buck, First Choice Health, Kroll Security, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seneca Real Estate Group, Sound Inpatients Physicians, T-Mobile, U.S. Small Business Administration, University of Puget Sound, University of Washington, and YMCA.

She brings bring more than 25 years of writing experience to her seminars, presentations and books. National companies I’ve written for include DuPont, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Georgia Institute of Technology. Her long career as a journalist includes feature articles for magazines and newspapers such as Law & Politics, Associations Now, Southern Living, Country Living, Yoga Journal, University of Chicago Magazine, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,, and

Lynda spent years learning how to write and tell great stories, and she loves to share all the tools and tips she’s learned along the way. And she still writes, every day. She has an unflagging commitment to both the science and art of writing. and Or


There isn't much more I can say about this book that isn't said in the description but to add a personal note or two. One thing is that this book would be a huge help from the time when you get out of school and as you transition into the workplace. "On the job training" is a real thing in every profession and until you are out there, you don't really know what you need or if you are prepared, no matter how much schooling you have had. This book seems like it would be most important to all would-be writers...and I mean all people who write, not just authors! Whether a writer wants to get a job, perform better on their job, or just do daily job tasks in a way that people would look up to them. Communication is key and note: this is not a "grammar" text---ooh, I know the words can turn you right off. Rather this is a smart book that is easy to read and inviting to help you be a better it writer's block or organizing thoughts for a presentation, this book can help! Once you have started writing and have the bones of a project, the book can guide you through completion as well as editing. In the book, author Lynda McDaniel gives examples of how in her own work and writing each chapter helps her so it makes it more of a narrative than a cut and dry type text. I think it is REALLY a useful book for professionals and writers alike. She even addresses how one can use their "right brain"--the creative part of your brain better in order to help your "left brain" do a better job ON the job! I recommend this as a basic need for every person in the job market today.



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The book includes techniques to help overcome fear of writing.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

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I honestly think reading Words @ Work would vastly improve my communications and add confidence.

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helps those who write like us bloggers

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As an author & speaker, I know writing & communication skills are important. Would love to add to my collection.
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At my work I must assist on writing technical proposals and this would be a great book for me to help with my writing skills.
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Lynda has 25 years of experience in writing, that's good enough for me. I would love to read her book.

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Sounds like a good book for everyone, whether you're writing letters or composing a business proposal.
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I'm very critical about the clarity of written communication at the workplace (many of which are wordy but don't make sense) and Linda's book is a great tool to improve communication in offices!


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I think this book would help me improve my writing and help me overcome writers block. Since I am going into a MAsters Programs, I can use all the help!

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I think everyone can use this book. It says it can help you get a promotion but I think in these hard times it would be used to also help you get a job period. Thanks for the chance for such a useful book.

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I learned that, "Communication is key."


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Lynda writes every day and has over 25 years of experience. Thanks for the giveaway.

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I learned that she has written articles for Southern Living as well as many other magazines and newspapers.

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