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My favorite book is GONE WITH THE WIND. I have my mother's original copy that she bought when it was first published in 1936 and won Margaret Mitchell the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. I have read it over and over and would never part with it. I adore the movie and Clark Gable has been my long time favorite actor forever! As most, we all wanted to know what happened to Scarlett and Rhett. Sequels approved by the Mitchell estate were published-- SCARLETT and then RHETT BUTLER'S PEOPLE. Although the second book was good, it was mostly about Rhett's life from a young lad and spent little time on his relationship with Scarlett. In SCARLETT, I was greatly disappointed with what was done to her.

Katherine Pinotti has written a lovely sequel that satisfies the die hard GWTW fan. However, the book is having trouble being published in America due to copyright laws. The Mitchell foundation won't give it its approval and so the book was only sold in places like Australia because they had let the copyright laws expire there. If you are lucky enough to get a copy from Australia like I did, I hope you enjoy it as I did. It gave me my GWTW "fix" I so needed by satisfying me with happened to the main characters. Katherine Pinotti lives in Texas and hopes the copyright laws will be lifted soon.
THE WINDS OF TARA by Katherine Pinotti

“We call it Tara, after my father’s home in Ireland”. With this joyful proclamation in the first chapter of The Winds of Tara, Scarlett O’Hara Butler returns to her beloved home. In the illusive and much sought after novel by Katherine Pinotti, the essence and spirit of Gone With the Wind is alive and well. Loyal fans who have longed to recapture the fascination and enchantment of the world that is Tara can finally find satisfaction. Ms. Pinotti stays true to the original characters that Margaret Mitchell gifted us with in her masterpiece using a matching approach and overall mood in her new story. As the cover states, “The Saga Lives On”!

Scarlett has left Atlanta and Rhett, following the death of Melanie Wilkes, to seek comfort in the one thing she knows best, at the place she truly calls home, Tara. She hopes to regroup to think about how she will save her marriage and get Rhett back while also being able to spend time with her children Ella and Wade. Scarlett wants to see if she can finally make amends with her sisters, Suellen and Careen. Readers will begin to recall one of Rhett’s favorite lines as they wonder if indeed Scarlett has grown a “real woman’s heart”!

Suellen and her husband, Will Benteen, have taken good care of Tara, along with financial help from the Butlers, while Careen, Scarlett comes to find out, is ill. Careen has had a brief, but sadly broken, romantic relationship with a Yankee soldier, Miles Kantor, and is now hidden away at a convent. Of course, Mammy, Pork, Dilcey and all the other memorable members of the Tara family are there to greet Scarlett when she returns. Unfortunately, we also find that Jonas Wilkerson and his “white trash” wife, Emmy Slattery, are also still around and want a piece of heaven, a piece of Tara.

As Scarlett finds out more about Careen’s mysterious illness, she realizes that she must once again do all she can to save the family name and Tara. First order of business is to take Careen to England for a stay to “improve her health” and hopefully save the family from a highly explosive scandal. With plans on dealing with Wilkerson upon her return, Scarlett is once more found to be just as beautiful, and ambitious, but also sensitive and smart when needed for the sake of her family.

Scarlett returns from England after much tragedy both at home and abroad and once again uses her cunning ways to deal with the repetitive misunderstandings of her relationship with Ashley, her feelings for Belle Watlin and her son Luke, the disaster waiting to happen with Jonas Wilkerson, and most importantly, Rhett. Seeing Rhett in England and again upon return just reinforces Scarlett’s love and determination to get him back. As much as she would like to think about things “another day”, Scarlett is forced to act to protect all that she loves and holds dear and in doing so, endangers her own life as well as those of others.

Katherine Pinotti has taken up where Gone With the Wind left off and weaves a sequel that is believable as well as highly enjoyable. Ms. Pinotti’s book is an exciting read and enjoyable continuation of these much loved characters. The ending keeps you wondering if things will finally conclude the way a Tara fan would want. Here’s to Katherine Pinotti for an emotional and satisfying story that needed to be told and in just this way! It is with great hopes that The Winds of Tara will soon be available all over the world so everyone can experience the journey back to Tara again!

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The Bookworm said...

I love GWTW! Its one of my all time favorites.
I did hear The Winds of Tara is good.

Bingo said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have so many people who love GWTW. Funny thing is that I have found some readers who never have read it which I just can't believe! Thanks for visiting and I think your bookworm blog is great and I'll be adding it to my list today!